AC repair in James City, VA

3 Signs Your AC Needs to be Repaired in James City, VA

July 29, 2022

Is your air conditioner struggling to deal with the heat in James City, VA, this summer? You may need to get a few repairs done if you want to optimize your HVAC unit’s performance as we close out the hottest months of the year. Here’s how to tell if your air conditioner needs some help right now.

1. Your AC Makes Strange Noises

Have you heard concerning noises coming from your air conditioner lately? Depending on which of your AC’s components are struggling, these noises can be anything from quiet hissing noises to loud banging or grinding noises. In any case, it’s best to have one of our professional technicians come out to take a look.

2. Your Air Conditioner is Leaking

If there is a blockage affecting your AC’s condensation line, then you may notice puddles and leaks forming near the unit. These leaks can be due to excess condensation, or they can be Freon, but you won’t be able to tell which they are unless you have a lot of experience. Refrigerants can be extremely hazardous for humans and animals to inhale, so you don’t want to procrastinate making a repair call.

3. Increases in Your AC Bill

While you should expect your AC bill to rise as you use it more when the weather is hot, you should always be watching for unexplained cost increases. If you haven’t been running your air conditioner more than in previous months, then an increase in your monthly energy costs might indicate that your AC is running less efficiently than normal. This decreased efficiency could be due to a single malfunctioning component that’s easy to replace, or it could be due to a more serious problem that requires you to purchase a whole new unit.

Are you concerned about your air conditioner’s condition? If you recognize one more of the warning signs on the list above, then call us at Comfortable Climate Heating & Air Conditioning, Inc. for AC repair services in James City and surrounding areas today.

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