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What Type Of Air Conditioner Is Best For Your Home?

There are different types of home air conditioning units and systems that vary in efficiency ratings, results, and aesthetics. Here are some points about a few different systems to help you decide before scheduling air conditioning installation in Yorktown, VA.

Window Air Conditioners

Window units are commonly installed in apartments that lack central air conditioning and are popular because they fit in double- and single-hung windows.

Benefits – They are relatively small and easy-to-install without a professional’s help. If you’re on a budget, then a window unit is the most affordable equipment option for adding air conditioning to your home. You will not need to call someone for air conditioning installation, and today’s models are up to 30 percent more efficient than those from a decade ago.

Portable Air Conditioners

Instead of going into the window, these units stand on the floor. If you do not have the proper size or shape windows for window units, then these are the answer. They draw in hot, moist air and vent out cool, dry air into your home. The hot, humid air is vented through an exhaust hose going out the window.

Benefits of a Portable Air Conditioner – This is another option that does not require air conditioning installation as they are even easier to set up than window units. They roll around on casters so you can position them wherever you need.

Central Air Conditioning System

This option is the most comprehensive way to cool a home. It distributes cool air through ductwork and registers in each room of the house.

Benefits – This is the most efficient way to keep your whole house fresh and cool. With a newer unit, you can expect lower energy bills and better indoor comfort. And, as the air conditioning components will be located outside, the system is silent and invisible. Air conditioning installation is fairly straightforward. If you already have ductwork, you just need to hire a professional for the job.


Is Your Air Conditioner Cycling On and Off Too Frequently?

Normally, when the air in your home gets too warm, the AC system will turn on to cool it back down to your desired temperature. But if you’ve noticed that your AC system is turning on and off more frequently than usual, you have a problem known as “short cycling.” As a short cycling air conditioner can have harmful effects on the system and can also negatively affect the comfort levels in your home, it’s advisable to call in an expert at AC repair in Yorktown, VA.

There are several reasons why your air conditioning system short cycles. Here are some common causes:

An Oversized AC System – Bigger is not always better. It may be that the AC system is the wrong size for the building that it’s cooling. If your air conditioning unit is too large for your home, it could cool it too quickly and cause it to short cycle.

Clogged Air Filter – A clogged air filter can also cause several problems for your air conditioning system, including short cycling. You may need to call for AC repair if a clogged air filter restricts airflow and leads to overheating and short cycling.

Frozen Evaporator Coils – If your evaporator coils are covered in ice, it can cause short cycling. Frozen evaporator coils stop the air conditioner from adequately removing heat from your home, and as a result, it will cause your AC system to short cycle.

Why It’s Important to Get Your Air Ducts Cleaned for Spring

Spring is the season of rebirth and renewal in nature. It’s the time of sunshine, warmer temperatures, and blossoms.

It’s also the time of pollen and allergies.

If you are one of the many unfortunate people who suffer from allergies and sensitives, then you should read this post from our team at Comfortable Climate Heating & Air Conditioning to learn why it’s essential to have your air ducts cleaned each spring. We provide HVAC service in Yorktown, VA, and the surrounding areas and know why it’s always a good thing to have spotless ducts.

The simple reason is that ducts have air flowing through them, and air contains dust and other allergens, regardless of how clean you keep your home. It’s just a fact of life. Those contaminants will build up over time, and if they’re not removed, they will just continue to circulate throughout your home as the system operates.

Professional cleaning is the answer. Trained technicians have the skills, equipment, and know-how to access your ductwork and make sure that it’s thoroughly cleaned, allowing you to enjoy exceptional air quality in your home. Whenever you book HVAC service in Yorktown, VA, remember to include the ducts as part of your spring cleaning.

Get Your New Air Conditioner Installed for Spring

Regardless of what’s going on in the world, there’s one thing that’s always a constant. It’s the fact that seasons change, and spring will come. In some cases, it comes early and hits hard with weather that’s much warmer than usual. Before you find yourself sweltering and sweating, call a company such as ours at Comfortable Climate Heating & Air Conditioning for air conditioning installation in Williamsburg, VA.

By having your installation scheduled as soon as possible, you will miss the rush for services that always happens each year once temperatures start to rise. Acting now means you can sit and relax in cool comfort rather than wearily count the days until your new AC unit is installed.

Relying on professionals for air conditioning installation in Williamsburg, VA, provides you with assurances that the job will be done properly, and you won’t have to worry about a new unit that’s not working as it should or using more energy than it has to. Trained technicians like ours have the skills, training, and equipment to make short work of an installation job, and the quicker they get done, the quicker you can beat the heat.

So, although some people say the only sure things in life are death and taxes, we would also add hot summer weather to the list.

Getting Your AC Ready for Spring

Winter is on its way out, which means spring and its warmer temperatures are about to arrive. Before turning on your air conditioner, however, you need to get your system ready for the season. While it may be too soon to consider an AC repair in Williamsburg, VA, there are things you can do to minimize needing one as the year goes on.

First, check your air filters. The filters keep dust and allergens from infiltrating your air ducts. A clean filter is the first line of defense for your air conditioning system and contributes to both energy efficiency and indoor air quality. It is recommended to replace the filter twice a year: at the start of spring and at the end of the summer. Afterward, check your filter on a monthly basis and clean off the excess dirt and dust.

Air filters are relatively inexpensive and easy to replace. This next step will require an HVAC professional. Duct cleaning purges your home of dust buildup that may have happened over the winter. If you see that your vents have accumulated dust, then it is a fairly safe assumption that your ducts are in a similar condition. Clean air ducts go a long way in improving your AC’s performance, so get this task done as quickly as possible.

Finally, check your thermostat to ensure it is working properly. This device does more than set the indoor temperatures–it also tells the AC system when to power on and off. You will want to set your thermostat at a temperature that is comfortable to you, but at the same time won’t force your system to run at infrequent intervals. Newer thermostat models allow you to set temperatures at specific times automatically, which can eliminate the guesswork and improve your home’s energy efficiency.

By taking proactive steps to prepare your home for spring weather, you are well on your way to minimizing the need for an AC repair. If you are unsure how to prepare your home for the warmer months, then request a consultation with an experienced HVAC contractor.

Before Spring Arrives, Clean Your Air Ducts

The winter was long and rough, but now spring is on the horizon. As temperatures rise, the time to turn on your air conditioner is getting closer. Before setting your thermostat down, now would be a good time to think about cleaning up.

Your HVAC contractor in Williamsburg, VA, may suggest some housekeeping before turning on your AC for the first time. For instance, start with your air ducts. The ducts lining your home may be holding some dust and other particles that have formed while your heating system was running. As such, turning on the AC also runs the risk of circulating these particles and lowering the indoor air quality.

Duct cleaning is an effective strategy for getting rid of dust. Now would be a great time to do so as well. Considering that spring is also a time when allergens like pollen reign supreme, it would make sense to make sure your ducts are free of them.

A clean air duct circulates cold air more effectively, too. Dust and other solid particles force your air conditioning to work harder. As a consequence, they use more energy and can drive up your energy costs. Cleaning your ducts can go a long way in keeping your energy costs manageable.

While there is a lot of emphasis on cleaning air ducts, it also makes sense to check your air filters as well. Many HVAC contractors recommend replacing your filter twice a year while checking them each month. Filters are relatively inexpensive. Naturally, you may need to clean or replace them more often if you run your AC frequently.

Why Your Water Heater Isn’t Making Enough Hot Water

If your water heater isn’t making enough hot water, there could be a number of reasons why you’re suffering through cold showers rather than relaxing under a warm waterfall.

There are many reasons why a water heater isn’t putting out the quantity you expect, and a lot of them can be solved by a team that’s experienced in water heater repair in Gloucester, VA.

The problem could be as simple as old age. Maybe your heater is worn out and should be replaced. The average life expectancy for most units is 8 to 12 years, regardless of how well it’s maintained.

Other issues can be traced to demand. Perhaps the demand for water in your residence exceeds the capacity of the heater to meet it. Upgrading to a water heater with a larger capacity or a tankless water heater might help solve this issue.

Speaking of too low, if your thermostat isn’t set high enough, your heater isn’t going to produce temperatures that provide the warm water you desire. Or, the thermostat could be set just where you want it, but it’s defective and causing problems. Maybe the heating element is the culprit and needs to be replaced. That’s when you need to reach out to trained professionals for water heater repair in Gloucester, VA.

Basement Heating Options

A basement is a resource. Anyone lucky enough to have one as part of their house can appreciate that concept. It gives you a solid foundation for your home as well as a lot of extra living space. However, unheated basements can be damp and chilly and not a welcoming place to spend time.

There are several basement heating options you might consider to make yours an attractive living space. If you’re building a new home, a heating system for the basement should be in your plans. If you are updating your current home, basement heating is a way to increase the size of your useful living space and maximize the room you already have.

Your options range from extending the existing heating ductwork so that it heats the lower level of your home as well to installing baseboard heaters or heat pumps or using a variety of sources.  Each of these choices requires a team you can depend upon for HVAC service in Yorktown, VA, so that you can make the most of your basement for year-round enjoyment.

A company that provides HVAC service in Yorktown, VA, such as Comfortable Climate Heating and Air Conditioning, is ready to install the heating system you need for your basement.

Water Heater Issues We Can Fix

Having hot water is something we have become accustomed too, whether it is taking a hot shower after a long day or washing dirty dishes in the kitchen sink. However, you might find yourself noticing that your water is not as hot as it used to be, which means your water heater is probably not functioning properly. Discover some common issues that happen to water heaters below.Water Heater Installation Gloucester VA

  • Heat Pump Freezes Over
  • Turns On and Off Often
  • Heat Pump Will Not Turn On
  • Trip a Breaker

Our experienced technicians will come to your home and inspect the equipment to determine what is causing your water heater not to function like it is supposed to. Once we have located the issue, we will let you know what it is, and then our crew will begin the necessary repairs to ensure you have hot water as soon as possible. Our primary goal is to locate and address the problem right away because we understand how inconvenient it is not to have hot water.

Reach out to our technicians by calling (804) 693-1125 to schedule a time for them to come to your home for a water heater inspection and repair. If you need a water heater installation in Gloucester, VA, or the surrounding areas, you can depend on our team for that too.

Ring in the New Year with Functional Systems in Your Home

Can you believe 2019 is just around the corner? The New Year will be here before you know it which means you need to make sure your home’s systems are up-to-date and functioning properly. Take a look at a few systems we can help you maintain when you rely on our experienced team members.Water Heater Repair Gloucester VA

Water Heater

Your water heater may experience issues like turning on and off frequently which can be an inconvenience for you. Sometimes the heat pump will need to be replaced too. Our team offers water heater repair in Gloucester, VA, and the surrounding communities.

HVAC System

From poor airflow to strange odors coming from your HVAC system, many things can go wrong with your system. If you start to notice anything unusual with it, you should schedule a maintenance inspection to let us take a look at it.

Duct Cleaning

Ensuring your family is breathing clean air is essential, and we can help make it happen. Our trained crew will come to your house and clean the ducts throughout your home, so your family can enjoy fresh, clean air. If you are unsure the conditions of your vents, you can schedule an inspection with our team.

Schedule an inspection of your systems by calling (804) 693-1125 right now.