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Forced-air systems that use a series of ducts are popular across America; however, this method of heating and cooling isn’t right for every home. You may need to look for non-traditional but equally effective options like ductless air conditioning.

What is Ductless AC?

Ductless air conditioning, also known as ductless mini-splits, is a method of cooling that doesn’t require air ducts that are built into a house or building. Ductless units are similar to traditional HVAC systems, but the air is pushed directly into the room the unit is in. Ductless AC units still have an indoor and an outdoor system, but the ductless system is more likely to operate by remote control instead of a wall-attached thermostat.

In some cases, ductless AC is easier to install because the inside only requires a wall-mounted unit. This system also takes up less space, making it ideal for smaller homes.

Can Any House Use Ductless Air Conditioning?

Ductless AC is an exceptionally flexible cooling system, but that doesn’t mean it’s right for every home. Homeowners in larger houses may want to invest in forced-air systems or expand their ductwork. It isn’t energy-efficient or cost-effective to place a new ductless system in each room.

That being said, there are several instances when having a ductless unit would be a perfect option for a home. If you want to add climate control to a newly-finished space (like an attic or garage), then a ductless system can work alongside the forced-air ductwork you have in the rest of the house. Ductless AC is also popular for small houses, like studio apartments, guesthouses, and tiny homes. This system works because you only need to keep one or two rooms cool.

Ductless AC Repair and Maintenance Services

At Comfortable Climate Heating & Air Conditioning, Inc, we offer customer consultations on ductless AC to see if this option is right for you. Our comfort specialists are happy to look at your space and make recommendations for the right cooling system.

On top of ductless AC installation, our team members can also repair and conduct seasonal maintenance on ductless units. Tell us that you need help with a ductless air conditioning unit, and we will come out with the right tools for the job.

Schedule a Ductless AC Appointment Today

If you are looking to add climate control to a space that your current HVAC system doesn’t reach, consider installing a ductless mini-split option. Call Comfortable Climate Heating & Air Conditioning, Inc and make an appointment today.

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