Preventative HVAC Maintenace for your Heating and Air Conditioning System & Surrounding Areas

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HVAC maintenance is an important part of homeownership. You can prevent your system from breaking and catch any issues it may have with heating and cooling your house. Here is what you need to know about maintenance services by Comfortable Climate Heating & Air Conditioning, Inc.

What Are the Benefits of HVAC Maintenance?

There are several reasons to invest in maintenance services for your home. The first is the peace of mind you get from knowing your heating and air conditioning will last through the year. While we can’t guarantee that nothing will break, our comfort specialists will do their best to identify issues and fix them before they become severe.

There are also financial reasons for setting up seasonal maintenance plans. When your system is regularly cleaned, it operates better. This has the potential to lower your electric bills because your system doesn’t have to use as much energy to cool your home. Finally, keeping a well-maintained system can extend its life, which means you won’t have to replace your system as frequently – helping you save even more.

As a Maintenance Customer you will receive:

  • Priority Service
  • 10% Discounts on both HVAC and Plumbing Repairs
  • No Trip charge on Maintenance calls
  • 24-hour emergency repairs

What Does HVAC Maintenance Entail?

Our comfort specialists have an extensive checklist of items to review when they inspect your HVAC system. This checklist covers all aspects of your system: the internal unit, the external unit, the air ducts and the thermostat. By evaluating the health and performance of each of these elements, our team members can identify any problems and make recommendations for improvement.

We visit your home twice a year to perform HVAC maintenance services. Our heat pump and air conditioner maintenance checklist include the following:

  • Check refrigerant pressure
  • Inspect wiring, contactors and relays
  • Check capacitors
  • Inspect & clean evaporator coil
  • Inspect & clean condenser
  • Inspect condensate drain
  • Inspect outdoor disconnect
  • Inspect condenser fan motor and blades
  • Inspect motor blower and blades
  • Check compressor amp draws at startup
  • Check & adjust thermostat
  • Check voltage and amp draws on blower and fan motor
  • Check for loose connections & any damages
  • Check reversing valve for proper operation
  • Check defrost board for proper operation
  • Check defrost sensor

When our checklist is completed, you will receive a recommendation for any further maintenance or repair needs. If you sign up for our air conditioning and furnace maintenance plan, you will receive 10% off parts and labor for repairs and 10% off water heater and plumbing repairs.

When Do You Need Maintenance Services?

Any time is a good time to clean your HVAC system if it hasn’t been looked at in more than six months. However, most people set up maintenance appointments in the spring before summer drives temperatures too high and in the fall before the cold winter months set in.

We recommend setting up maintenance appointments at least twice each year to clear debris and address problems that might have gone unnoticed.

Set Up Maintenance Services Today

You don’t have to wait for your HVAC system to break down to call Comfortable Climate Heating & Air Conditioning, Inc. Make an appointment now to keep your system running throughout the summer and winter. Call us today.

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